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We understand our customers need to be money conscious with today's economy.  This often means the best solution for your budget is purchasing a used vehicle.  Whether it is for yourself or your new teenage driver.  One of the downsides of buying a used vehicle is not knowing if it is worth what the owner/dealership is asking for it, or more importantly, is it safe for myself or my loved one to drive.  Here are a few questions that you should have answers to before purchasing a used vehicle.  Are all parts and critical driving systems in good working condition?  What is the life left on parts like belts, hoses, pads, rotors, engine mounts, and other key parts?  Is it safe to drive out on the road?

Here at Faithful Auto and Truck Repair, we want you to be safe in any car you intend to purchase.  Let our expertly trained and experienced ASE-certified technicians conduct a pre purchase inspection on the vehicle you are considering buying.  We can help you cut down on those costly surprises when purchasing a used car that often comes with no type of warranty. Spotting problems before you purchase that used vehicle can save you a lot of money.  If problems are found early, you could use this information to negotiate a better price on the vehicle! 

Let us help your mind to rest a little easier before you make your next used car investment.  We want to help you make a safe and financially responsible decision for you and your family.  Make an appointment on our home page today or call us at (810)793-4500!

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27 pt. Courtesy Inspections    No Charge with service

Pre Purchase Inspections    $39.95

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​Every time you visit Faithful Auto and Truck Repair, your car will receive a complimentary courtesy inspection, if one has not recently been done, free of charge to you.  This complete and comprehensive inspection is our way of keeping you informed of the overall health or your car and any possible maintenance issues it may have before it sneaks up on you and becomes a major problem that can leave you stranded.  Our experienced ASE-certified technicians will do a thorough check on your vehicle if needed whenever it enters our facility.  You can put your mind at ease knowing that our technicians know every inch of your vehicle and are keeping up to date written records.  Here are just a few of the items we check:​ 

Fluids, tire condition/pressure, drive belts, radiator and hoses, battery, tuning components, lights, wiper blades, axle shafts/axle boots/u-joints, shocks/struts, suspension components, and brake pads/rotors/calipers.  After the inspection is complete, we will give you a written report of the health of your vehicle.  At Faithful Auto and Truck Repair no work will be performed on your vehicle without your permission.  Make an appointment on our home page today or call us at (810)793-4500!

We promise to earn the trust of each and every customer- trying our very best to value them, give great customer service, and be honest and fair on every visit!